Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Belarus - 10 february 2012

From Belarus I received this card. It's a painting showing the independence avenue in Minsk. Unfortunately there is no name of the painter on the card.

The stamps, printed in 2008 btw, are really nice, too.

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Russia - 4 february 2012

That day I got a second postcard, too, this time from Russia. It's showing the river Vologda and the Kremlin's square.

On the card was the following little poem:

Dame Trot and her cat
sat down for a chat;
The dame sat down on this side

and puss sat down on that.
Puss, says the Dame,
can you catch a rat
or mouse in the dark
Purr, says the cat.

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Netherlands - 4 february 2012

This card is showing Gasselte in the Netherlands. It's located in the country's north. The postcrosser I got this from is a retired postman so it's not surprising that I got a nice stamp on this card, too!

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Russia - 11 january 2012

As I love rubber ducks, I was very happy to receive this card from Russia, as well as the stamps on it! I think the hare was new to me...

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Ukraine - 17 august 2011

From Ukraine I got two postcards that day. Both are showing places in Kharkiv. The first one shows the monument of T.G. Shevchenko, who was an Ukrainian poet. The second one is the Liberty Square - according to the postcard it's the biggest one in Europe and a symbol of pride for the Ukrainians.

The stamps are really nice, too, though I'm not too sure what kind of vase they aer showing or what they might mean.

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Russia - 4 august 2011

This card is called ' The Three Princesses of the Underground Kingdom', painted by Victor Vasnetsov 1879-1881. It's being showed in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. It's a really cool card. Quite mysterious.

The stamps are showing a fox, the Kreml and an apparently famous russian person, but I must admit that I don't recognize him at all. Some help here?

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Netherlands - 3 august 2011

Yes, true, it's Brussels. Yes, my scanner cut off the lower half. Yes, it's really from the Netherlands.
Anyway: I love the card. Map cards are awesome. This one is showing the highlits of the city. Nice, hm?

The 44-cent-stamp wasn't a newbie for me, but the Rotterdam-one was. A really nice one. Btw, did you all know that in Dutch 'Netherlands' is only 'Nederland' (=Singular)?