Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Vad vill du upptäcka?

What do you want to discover?

I received this card and a letter (both with the stamp below) from the wonderful A pic a week's owner. It really made my day!

Sorry for the bad quality on the pictures, but I had no time to scan today. -.-

Outgoing: 1 postcard

And weeee! Another reader! Hello, Deborah!


  1. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for following me on my blog.

  2. I love that stamp ^^ Love winter and hope it will be really cold and snow a lot around here (though the chances are small)!! ^^

  3. I'm not looking forward to snow this year. We had too much last winter... and it makes the traffic go all insane -.- But snowflakes are cool 8)