Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

I got an award? Woah!

I just read that I got an award from Tanuki at Starshine Whirls Make My Head Spin. I was totally not prepared but at the same time I really like the idea! :D

And now I apparently have to share 5 guilty pleasures. Oh my gosh. This is getting more private here than expected now :D

1. Steampunk
I'm totally freaking out about this. Steampunk is so crazy and so cool! I'm more or less planing on doing my own costume or so sometime soon-ish. I hope.

2. Marabou-Polka
Everybody who ever tasted it knows what I mean!

3. Going to IKEA
This Swedish furniture chain really rocks and it's more or less like a social event to go there... Swedish people don't understand why we Germans do so... :D

4. Buying books
I can't help it. I just do, no matter how many unread ones I got.

5. Writing
Not only blogging, but also penpalling, postcard writing and... writing-writing.

So now I should give this award on...

So it goes to Deborah from Addicted to mail (and other cool stuff). She is having a really cute blog and I enjoy reading it.
I think it wouldn't work to give Tanuki one back because I got it from her, right? :) Otherwise she'd get one, too! :D


  1. Sweet with an award ;) And well... IKEA... *shaking my head*

  2. Thank you for playing along ^^ that Marabou polka sounds so awesome ^^ And Steampunk is just wow! Good luck with your costume ^.^
    Hmmmm... ich bleibe noch in Deutschland... weiß nicht warum ich 'noch' geschrieben hab... ach so, weil du gefragt hast ob ich mal da war, aber ich bin immer noch da ^^

  3. Danke. :) Ich finde es sehr lustig, dass du auch in Deutschland bist. Welch ein Zufall :D