Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Letters: Sweden

Today I got a very cute thank you-card from Sweden. Just wanted to show you those awesome stamps! :)

Polkagris and surströmming are very Swedish things. Polkagris I can recommend, surströmming is something I haven't eaten and I seriously don't want to!


  1. I think I like polkagris, though I didn't know it was Swedish ^^ Surströmming sounds really yucky, I'd like to try it to challenge my 'I can eat everything' hypothesis ^^

  2. Well... google that fish a bit and then you don't want to eat it anymore :D

  3. I googled and it still hasn't put me off enough, but maybe the smell would ^^ The Japanese have something like that too and hubby said I wouldn't want to eat it ^.^