Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Stampspam again!

Thanks to my wonderful grandma I'm the owner of one hell of a lot newer and older stamps from all over Germany. Some are really cool. But I won't show them all at once, of course. ;)

For a start you can see a stamp from Denmark, saying 'Det er os'. It's a politically inspired painting you can see there.

The next one I really love a lot! It's strawberries on it :)

And then there also is a beautiful fall-scene from a German forest. I seriously do love our stamps!


  1. Isn't that strawberry one a rub and sniff? I wanted to buy those, but I'm so broke right now =.=

  2. Aaah, no, those aren't. There are rose-stamps that are rub and sniff. Waste of money, I tell you. They smell!

  3. aww, really? I think they're quite nice ^.^ at least, a stamp is NEVER a waste of money ^.^ I don't like self-adhesive stamps, they're so hard to take off the paper...

  4. Well... just one stamp isn't a waste of money, but I bough a whole package and I was glad about finally buying new ones. The roses are now used up, I think.