Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Letters: Poland

Today I was very happy to find a letter from my penfriend from Poland who had been living in the UK for quite a long while and returned home now. I was very glad to get it and it was a surprise as she attached some postcards for me as well!

That is the stamp showing a bit from the city of Częstochowa (whatever the proper English transcribition is) in Poland.

This card is showing London, UK, with the probably most famous sight - the Big Ben! The Houses of Parliament are on the picture, too, but I have never been in there, to be honest.

The second card she sent me is from the city of Brighton, showing the Brighton Pier and the West Pier. I love the atmosphere the card is projecting, even though my penfriend explained, that it wasn't that idyllic but more or less lots of partying and clubbing.


  1. postcards are so beautiful! i am going to london in two months, and i can't wait to see that look in person :D