Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Random Spam

I love random spamming. Seriously. Today was successful. Sent a postcrossing-card to a dutch postcrosser and went to a wonderful decorationstore with my boyfriend. To buy stuff, of course. Bought three packages of feathers, a package of wooden buttons and also shiny blue sand. Shiny. I like shiny!

I also got something to make out of it in mind already. Shiny, isn't it? :P

And because I am nice, I also got some stamps for you :)

Those are actually German stamps, designed by Udo Lindenberg, who is a singer and - as it seems - also a painter. There has been a whole set out now, even with packages to send. Nice, isn't it? On the card it says 'Keine Panik' which means 'Don't panic' and 'Sonderzug Pankow', which is referring to one of his songs.

This one is one of the current non-stampstation ones, showing a marguerite. It's one of a whole bunch of different flower-stamps we have.

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