Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Taiwan - 23rd of february 2010

I received another card from Taiwan, this time duckie-themed :D (though I still don't know why I got a birthday card :P )

On the stamp you can see a picture of something, that looks like limes. Is it really? At least it's green :)


  1. Haha, the card looks like a perfect example of Engrish in the function of ~ write some Latin letters and it will look a lot cooler ^^
    The stamp has made me curious, I've collected lots of those fruits myself but not this one! I thought it was ume (Chinese plum) first, but after I've found another photo of this stamp on the net where I could read the character (it's blurry everywhere =.=), it turned out that it's jujube (Chinese date)... I suppose you usually eat them when they're dried, like all other dates, no wonder we couldn't recognize them like that... ^^

  2. Oh that is interesting. I think I saw them somewhere before, dried though. But it seriously reminded me of limes first, just this bright green! :)